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PV leads the development of inverters, and the domestic subs

Development trend of inverter and power semiconductor technology
In the future, series inverter will become the mainstream and more IGBT will be required
At present, the global PV has entered the era of parity. Without subsidies, the project yield of some provinces in China has reached about 8%, the investment willingness of small and medium-sized enterprises has been strengthened, and the proportion of distributed PV in the overall industry has increased due to its relatively small output power, low pollution and the coexistence of power generation and electricity. Series inverter is the most suitable inverter for distributed photovoltaic, with a capacity of about 100kW. The failure of a single component does not affect the whole system, and can be directly installed outdoors. Series inverter is not only suitable for distributed photovoltaic application scenarios, but also extended to centralized ground power station scenarios, which promotes the increase of the share of series inverter.
Compared with centralized inverter and distributed inverter, series inverter requires more power semiconductor devices IGBT. With the increase of the share of series inverter, the power semiconductor market will be further developed.
The photovoltaic industry has reduced costs and increased efficiency, the inverter has developed to high power, and SiC materials have obvious advantages
The de subsidy policy of the photovoltaic industry weakens the domestic installed capacity and also has a certain impact on the components and equipment inverters. At present, the domestic inverter manufacturers focus on cost reduction.
Increasing the power of single inverter, especially for series inverter, can reduce the number of inverters required by the system and reduce the cost of cable, construction, operation and maintenance.
The increase of China's exports of photovoltaic inverters drives the demand for power semiconductors. However, the top eight manufacturers of power semiconductors in the world are overseas companies. Among them, IGBT, as a relatively high-end product of power semiconductors, has a relatively small market share and has a large development space due to its high technical threshold and centralized competition pattern.
In recent years, Chinese power semiconductor manufacturers have increased R & D investment, and some medium and low-end power semiconductor products have made breakthroughs, gradually catching up with the same technical level abroad. Moreover, compared with the power semiconductor products of overseas enterprises, the price of domestic power semiconductor products is lower, coupled with the overseas epidemic is still not optimistic, and the supply period of overseas power semiconductor manufacturers is extended, which is more conducive for inverter manufacturers to choose domestic power semiconductor products with low price and high quality. Moreover, the power semiconductor device industry is one of the key industries encouraged and supported by China. Many inverter manufacturers choose to use domestic power semiconductor products, which is in line with the national strategic development direction and easy to apply for photovoltaic subsidies.

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